Art Motion Sculpture Wood

Kanemaki Sculpts Human Figures from Logs of Wood

While he is carving a man and skeleton out of wood, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki is analyzing and questioning mortality… he thinks to himself, “What is Life?” “What is Death?” Questions most of us have asked ourselves, yet Kanemaki doesn’t have a clear answer for them. His work is bold with fascinating compositions and it is remarkable how […]

3D Art Geometric Wood

A Computerized Man Emerges from Wood Logs

If you are in Amsterdam, you must check out Rocco Pezzella’s new art show titled “QUID” at the Kallebach Gallery. His collection displays futuristic shapes that look morphed from organic pieces of wood. Could this be an analysis of our human evolution? Pezzella doesn’t reveal much about his art other than it originated from experiments […]

Art Drawing Mixed Media Painting Wood

The Girl with Violet Eyes

Warning: Contains nudity. During my online chat with Philippine artist Mek Yambao she mentioned exploring random ideas and stories in her art. Although this sounds rather spontaneous, she still bases her work on main interests like nature, eroticism, spirituality, and existence. “I’ve always been intrigued by altered states and the multiverse so I explore them […]

Art Printmaking & Engraving Tattoo Wood

Tattoo-Inspired Woodcuts by Bryn Perrott

Bryn Perrott’s cool wood carvings are the result of: A) she was a printmaking major in college, B) she has worked in a tattoo shop which influenced her illustration style. Some of her designs have a cartoon flair, for example the Grim Reaper who is flustered as he surfs four waves near a paradisiac island; another […]

Art Insects Wood

Insect Drawings on Russian Nesting Dolls

Although he is not professionally an entomologist, Raul del Sol meticulously studies the metamorphosis stages of various insects to create works of art. From the egg and larva to the full grown butterfly, he cleverly illustrates the life cycle on Matryoshka dolls. He also scans the knots and grains of the wood to add that […]

Art Black & White Graffiti Mixed Media Sculpture Street Art Wood

Dome’s Disguised Characters

From graffiti to cardboard art, Dome is versatile with the surfaces and mediums he uses. He is consistent with his character design of black and white spider-leg figures with masks. And he illustrates them in a dark folklore manner on city street walls, as well as open wood-cases which combine both sculpting and painting.

Anamorphic Art Illusion Typography Wood

The Hidden Anamorphic Message

Like finding a needle in a haystack, Finnish artist Ole Martin Lund Bo has made this technically challenging art installation titled, “Deceptive Outward Appearance.” It is so complex, that it is difficult to understand where he started painting the letters on the planks.

Art Black & White Portraits Wood

Luke Skywalker Skateboard

Graphic designer Erik Binggeser shows the step-by-step process of making this Luke Skywalker skateboard—originally titled “Fork in the Road.” To compose the image, he has cutout hundreds of little paper squares, which is ridiculously labor intense, but the end result looks really good. The deck is being sold for $500 in his online store.

Design Furniture Typography Wood

Just Self-Title It!

Why would I need to be reminded that my book shelf is for “Books?” Well, Matt Innes thought it would be a fun typographic project to build a shelf with Jarrah-faced birch plywood. And now looking at it, I actually want one in my office.

Art Painting Wood

A Dual Reality

Visual artist Hayv Kahraman has elegantly painted female and male characters on wood panels. The last three images within post, are part of a series that connects with the Iraqi cultural habit of playing cards, as well as Kahraman’s personal experience first living in Baghdad, and then as an immigrant in Sweden, Italy, and the […]