Origami and Mathematics Go Hand and Hand: The Paper Sculptures of Robby Kraft

first laser scored origami piece by robby kraft, inspired by the work of Robert J. Lang
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Origami grandmaster Akira Yoshizawa has led the way for paper artists by turning this craft into a solid art form. Many newcomers have been inspired by his pioneering creations, such as American artist and engineer Robby Kraft who uses the wet-folding technique (invented by Yoshizawa) to give a more realistic, sculptural feel to his animal and insect pieces.

Kraft’s origamis shown here were all folded by hand, except one (above; his first laser-scored model); all 3D shapes and patterns were based on the incredible works of computer scientists Robert J. Lang, Ron Resch, David Huffman…

Origami has definitely evolved in the last decade since Yoshizawa’s death in 2005, it wasn’t a goodbye, but a strong continuation of his legacy.

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circular forms, origami by robby kraft, inspired by the work of David Huffman white cloverleaf origami by robby kraft, inspired by David Huffman curved origami creases by robby kraft, inspired by Polly Verity grid origami by robby kraft, inspired by Ron Resch yellow fractal origami by robby kraft, inspired by Robert J. Lang
Images © Robby Kraft.
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