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Brian Gomes: Tattoos Inspired by Amazonian Tribes

Shamanic philosophy is at the heart of Brian Gomes’ work. He believes our physical form reflects our spiritual life. “Tattoos are the ripe fruit of the soul,” he says. “They are our inner beauty.” Influenced by Brazilian and Peruvian tribes, he credits Shipibo and Huni Kuin artwork for many of his pieces. The goal is to honor, never to plunder. He spreads spiritual intention […]

There’s Beauty in Everything: An Interview with Peony Yip

Peony Yip, also known as The White Deer, inadvertently focuses her illustrative work on themes that make some people uncomfortable. One of her most popular series called “To Bloom Not Bleed” is described by her as “A series that portrays the fine line between the grotesque and beauty of death.” To Yip, you can find […]

Soulful Stargazing: Photography by Nadia Maria

Nadia Maria is a photographer based in Bauru, Sao Paulo, who creates dark, figurative images that capture stories of emotional pain, awakening, and transformation. Featured here is a series of her images depicting nude men and women enmeshed in constellation-like patterns, looking skyward, or curled up and charted out like geometric equations. Contrasting light with […]

Cryptic Animal Paintings by Josie Morway

Animals have long been used as stand-ins for human morality in fables and fairy-tales, but Massachusetts-based Josie Morway brings them into contemporary consciousness with her beautiful, cryptic portraits. Each painted creature carries an air of agelessness and wisdom, their bodies framed by geometric formations and Latin scripts (one such as phrase states “Faciam ut mei […]

Digimatism: A Future Visual Language by Stanislaw Wilczynski

Moscow-based tattoo artist Stanislaw Wilczynski produces shape-centric imagery that is born out of the Digimatism movement. Digimatism, a combination of the words “digital” and “suprematism,” describes his bold abstract assemblages that are created with the help of the computer. This contemporary approach has a historic bend to it by recalling artistic movements from the early […]

10 Amazing Fine-Art Shibari Rope Bondage Photographs

Beginning in thirteenth-century Japan, rope tying (hojojutsu) was used as means of restraining, transporting, and punishing criminals. It evolved into an erotic activity and art form called “kinbaku” during the Edo Period, infusing the centuries-old discipline method with BDSM (the infamous photographer Nobuyoshi Araki is known for his extensive documentation of this style of rope […]

10 Artists Who Create Striking Geometric Tattoos Spanning the Body

Geometric shapes are the building blocks of our world, and their brilliant simplicity makes them a popular choice for tattoos. Their historical acknowledgement reaches as far back as ancient Greece, a civilization that gave the field its name—geo- meaning “earth” and –metron meaning “measurement”—and studied spatial relationships. Geometry was revolutionized by Euclid, the man considered […]

Obsessive GIF Artist Al Boardman on the Importance of Personal Projects

Al Boardman, prolific GIF-creator and expert animator, has created motion graphics for an impressive list of famous brands (including Nike, IBM, and Twitter). His signature style is simple yet sophisticated, with a color palette and a smoothness that sucks the viewer in. Along with work for clients, Boardman creates tons of personal projects that gets […]

Inking the Sacred: Mandala Tattoos by Katia Somerville

For Katia Somerville, the experience of tattooing is as spiritual and unique as the artwork she creates. Known for her complex black-ink mandala tattoos, Somerville adapts sacred geometry to the body through undulating compositions. Flawless line work, stippling, and shading allows her to develop tattoos that unfold the mind as personalized microcosms. Her studio, Rainfire […]