abstract shapes on arm

Digimatism: A Future Visual Language by Stanislaw Wilczynski

abstract tattoo on arm by stanislaw wilczynski

Moscow-based tattoo artist Stanislaw Wilczynski produces shape-centric imagery that is born out of the Digimatism movement. Digimatism, a combination of the words “digital” and “suprematism,” describes his bold abstract assemblages that are created with the help of the computer. This contemporary approach has a historic bend to it by recalling artistic movements from the early 20th century. “It’s a fusion of Russian suprematism, German minimalism and futuristic Japanese ambience,” he writes. “A future visual language.” The tattoos are akin to architecture, displaying strong lines and compositional constructions that mimic roads, skyscrapers, and other motifs found in cityscapes.

abstract tattoo, circle on arm

futuristic shapes on arm, blackwork

circle tattoo on back of neck

thin line tattoos on arms

abstract black ink tattoo on arm

sun and lines tattoo on arm

circle tattoo on back

square tattoo on hand

abstract shapes on arm

one black square on arm

Images © Stanislaw Wilczynski.