Inking the Sacred: Mandala Tattoos by Katia Somerville

Katia Somerville - Claire and Sorinda, tattoos
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For Katia Somerville, the experience of tattooing is as spiritual and unique as the artwork she creates. Known for her complex black-ink mandala tattoos, Somerville adapts sacred geometry to the body through undulating compositions. Flawless line work, stippling, and shading allows her to develop tattoos that unfold the mind as personalized microcosms. Her studio, Rainfire Tattoos in Vancouver, offers artwork, a meditation room, and peaceful music in an effort to nourish the wellbeing and growth of the individual. More of her entrancing artwork can be viewed on her Instagram.

 Katia Somerville - Calder, mandala tattoo Katia Somerville - Kat, fine linework tattoo Katia Somerville - Damon - mandala tattoo
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Katia Somerville - Alex, moon tattoo Katia Somerville - Darci, arm mandala tattoo Katia Somerville - Kris, mandala tattoo on forearm Katia Somerville - Matteo, arm tattoo Katia Somerville - Sherry, mandala arm tattoo
Images © Katia Somerville

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