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Soulful Stargazing: Photography by Nadia Maria

Nadia Maria - male body in stars

Nadia Maria is a photographer based in Bauru, Sao Paulo, who creates dark, figurative images that capture stories of emotional pain, awakening, and transformation. Featured here is a series of her images depicting nude men and women enmeshed in constellation-like patterns, looking skyward, or curled up and charted out like geometric equations. Contrasting light with darkness—subjectivity with the unfeeling, beautiful void of space—Maria’s photographic poetry speaks to the body’s relation to the soul, and what it means to be alive.

Nadia Maria - nude body amid constellation-like lines

Nadia Maria - nude figure holding stars

Nadia Maria - woman amid constellation

Nadia Maria - geometric face

Nadia Maria - woman in wolf constellation

Nadia Maria - heart over body

Nadia Maria - face and glowing fragments

Images © Nadia Maria

Via Juxtapoz