Brian Gomes: Tattoos Inspired by Amazonian Tribes

brian Gomes neotribal half sleeve tattoo
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Shamanic philosophy is at the heart of Brian Gomes’ work. He believes our physical form reflects our spiritual life. “Tattoos are the ripe fruit of the soul,” he says. “They are our inner beauty.”

Influenced by Brazilian and Peruvian tribes, he credits Shipibo and Huni Kuin artwork for many of his pieces. The goal is to honor, never to plunder. He spreads spiritual intention with each pattern, but won’t copy sacred designs directly. Gomes’ modern symbols are meant to protect each person, to guide them in life and always bring good fortune.

Brian Gomes bold red shoulder tribal tattoo Brian Gomes blue and green geometric tattoo Brian Gomes blue geometric forearm tattoo
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Brian Gomes red geometric tattoo geometric shapes, tattoo on arm, black ink Brian Gomes geometric hummingbird tattoo Brian Gomes blue pattern elbow tattoo Brian Gomes blue abstract star tattoo design Brian Gomes double calf tribal tattoo
Images © Brian Gomes

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January 24, 2017 Art Body Art Geometric Tattoo