Identity in the Raw: Paintings by John Reuss

John Reuss - Spit
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The Denmark-based artist John Reuss paints abstractions of the face and body that explore alienation and the chaos of subjectivity. He works intuitively, merging consciousness with unconsciousness, building layers of paint, getting lost, reclaiming the image, and adding the finishing details with highlights and shading. The rawness of his process reveals the myth of inner harmony; many of his figures possess multiple angles and additional limbs that have been painted over, signifying the endless search for a tangible self.

John Reuss - Object VII John Reuss - The New Mind John Reuss - Empty Man
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Tatoo book
John Reuss - head with blurred, multiple faces and red backdrop John Reuss - Untitled - red backdrop with crouching figure John Reuss - Internal Loop John Reuss - Untitled - green figure crouching John Reuss - Another You John Reuss - Untitled - face with extended eyes
Images © John Reuss

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