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Welcome to Faunwood: Enchanting Beasts by Miranda Zimmerman

Miranda Zimmerman, working under the title Faunwood, is a freelance artist currently based in the Pacific Northwest. With a bachelor’s degree in Evolutionary Biology, a graduate certificate in Science Illustration, and experience working on paleontological reconstruction in Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, it is clear she has a vested interest in the transformations and […]

Abstract Tattoos and Feminist Spaces: Katakankabin Interview

Katakankabin (“Kat” for short) is a tattoo artist working in an experimental style she calls “custom black lines.” Animals, plants, and topographic outlines are abstracted into undulating forms that merge with the contours of the body. Her work is an expression of intangible energies, such as movement and emotion. Having traveled extensively, Kat currently works […]

Announcing the Winners of the 2017 A’ Design Awards

It’s that time of year that we always look forward to—the A’ Design Award and Competition has just announced its winners. Each year, it seems like the caliber of work only grows better and better as it spans wide-ranging fields, from product design to architecture to animation and illustration. The international contest is as large as it […]

The Aesthetics of Horror: 10 Visually Striking Nightmare Movies

Horror is one of the most—if not the most—popular movie genre the medium has ever known. Iconic villains such as Freddy Krueger, Leatherface or Jason Voorhees murdering their way through a high body count of luckless victims has ensured the genre has stayed largely in the mainstream, but the history of horror cinema is full […]

Call for Entries Open for the 2017 A’ Design Awards

The fruity toilet paper rolls went viral worldwide and won an A’ Design Award! It may seem like a nutty idea, but designer Kazuaki Kawahara found a clever way to make these WC wrappers appealing and useful for Japanese companies who offer toilet rolls “to customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation.” It is […]

Fine Art Nude Photography and Painting on Ello

Note: Contains nudity. Social media sharing opens up endless opportunities for modern artists to get their work seen, to feel and give support, and to be part of a community of likewise creative souls. It’s nothing new—artists have been forming leagues for centuries, sharing and criticizing, supporting and learning from one another. What’s different now […]

10 Spine-Chilling Movies About Demons and Possession

In 1973, William Friedkin’s “The Exorcist” shocked audiences with its convincing portrayal of demonic possession, getting under our skin with slow-burning horror, the fear of godlessness, and the loss of self-control. Mythologies about dark spirits and the underworld have existed across cultures for a long, long time, and possession films tap into our primal fears; […]

10 Contemporary Canadian Artists Who Reimagine Frontiers

Canadian art has been historically recognized for its representations of the country’s magnificent landscapes. Near the beginning of the twentieth century, the Group of Seven set out to capture Canada’s cultural spirit by painting the transcendent force of the wilderness. Their work reflects the purity, beauty, and mystery of nature—the mythos of the untameable Canadian […]

Just Imagine a Pizza Box That Turns into a Film Projector

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while for packaging design and brand advertising. Chief Commercial Officer Reed Collins has led a creative team of 11 people to envision something unique for Hong Kong’s Pizza Hut: a pizza box that can MacGyver its way into becoming a projector. It is that simple, […]

Electrifying Body Paintings Viewed Under Black Light

Note: Contains nudity. These bright-colored visuals could have been projection mappings on bodies, but that would be too simple a task for photographer John Poppleton. Instead, he uses UV paints to illustrate auroras, nebulae, and Californian dreamin’ sunsets on various female models. His work is striking for its cosmic color palette and high-contrast images which […]