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Welcome to Faunwood: Enchanting Beasts by Miranda Zimmerman

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Fox

Miranda Zimmerman, working under the title Faunwood, is a freelance artist currently based in the Pacific Northwest. With a bachelor’s degree in Evolutionary Biology, a graduate certificate in Science Illustration, and experience working on paleontological reconstruction in Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, it is clear she has a vested interest in the transformations and anomalies of nature. Her passion manifests in her creation of Faun-Creatures, playful and surreal beasts that crawl from her head and onto the page. Each one is as innocent-looking as it is strange, with third eyes, multiple limbs, alien-esque horns, and the ability to split into astral forms. With bold contrasts and flowing linework, Zimmerman’s fascinating menagerie blurs reality with science fiction, inviting the viewer to appreciate the intelligence and mystery of the natural world. Visit her Instagram and website for more. She also has a shop with pins, stickers, and prints of her work that’s well worth checking out.

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Astral Projection

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Dragonfly

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Divide

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Inktober Divide

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Markhor

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Mask

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Skelegoat

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - The Forest Is Always Hungry

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Wanderer

Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood) - Swordface

Images © Faunwood (Miranda Zimmerman)