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Call For Entries Open for the 2019 A’ Design Awards

There are so many fascinating projects submitted to last year’s A’ Design Awards, like the Kremlin-looking 3D-art by Jerico Santander that actually represents “a transcendental and alternative idea of extraterrestrial life” (see above). As well as a fashion collection based on designer Rong Zhang’s Chinese upbringing and the Victorian-era; stylized tattoos, erotic bracelets, futuristic chairs, and […]

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Announcing the Winners of the 2018 A’ Design Awards

Where will you find a contest that honors fantastical computer generated creatures as well as a tribute to the Superstring theory? It’s the A’ Design Award and Competition! The impressive international contest has just announced its winners for the 2017 – 2018 year, and they represent some of the best creative thinkers in art and […]

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Last Call for Entries to the 2018 A’ Design Awards

It is the final week to participate in the 2018 A’ Design Awards. The deadline is February 28. 2017 was a strong year in architecture, however, if it’s not your field don’t worry there are a 100 categories to compete in, such as art, film, graphic design, fashion, 3D printing, lighting design and more. Take […]

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Call for Entries: The 2018 A’ Design Awards

The spectacular 3D-printed “Hurricane” lamp, shown above, “creates a contrasting image of dynamics and statics, opacity and transparency, solid and void, and defined boundary and infinite reflectivity,” states product designer Naai-Jung Shih. When the table lamp is turned on its indirect lighting displays the tempestuous storm, and when turned off, it still is a gorgeous […]

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2018 World Design Rankings + 10 Award-Winning Projects

The results are in for the “World Design Rankings,” a platform organized by the A’ Design Awards showing the medals won by each nation from 2010 to 2017. United States collected the most medals, followed by China, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Turkey, Australia, Portugal, and Taiwan. Platinum, gold, silver, bronze and iron awards […]

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Intervention and Letting Go: Experimental Paintings by Sylvie Adams

Sylvie Adams is a visual artist living in Montreal, which she describes in an exclusive statement provided to us, as a place that “makes you want to create, to experiment, and to push boundaries.”  Experimentation and duality are at the core of Sylvie Adams’ bright-yet-moody abstract paintings, exploring the foggy dichotomies of “light versus dark, […]

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Stockio: Download Beautiful Photos for Free

With the number of stock photos services out there, some pricier than others, it is challenging to find high-quality images free of charge. Stockio is a new service revolutionizing the industry with selective content that you can use for personal or commercial use of your projects. Download 40 high-res photographs per day, or subscribe to […]

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A’ Design Awards: Roundup of the Coolest Arts and Crafts From Past Years

When the “Hex Kite” by Wind Architecture Studio takes flight, it looks like an alien is making contact with Earth. But we assure you it’s not an extraterrestrial—it’s one of the past winners of the A’ Design Award! The lightweight creation won big in the “Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design” category last year. Now it’s […]

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Call For Entries Open for the 2018 A’ Design Awards

When the quirky pasta packaging by Nikita Konkin made its debut last year (see below), the designs quickly went viral. Using strands and shapes of the dry noodles, they doubled as “hair” for the women printed on the boxes. It’s a simple but ingenious idea—no wonder it was one of the winners in the A’ […]

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A’ Design Awards: Roundup of Winning Projects From Past Years

How do you view the world? What can you say with your unique visual language? The international A’ Design Awards and Competition is the chance to express yourself by showing off your best work. While this could be a serious message, the competition also welcomes clever fun. Designer Duncan Shotton for instance, was inspired by […]