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2020 A’ Design Awards: Last Call for Entries

This is your last chance to enter the A’ Design Awards — deadline: February 28, 2020. In this article, we share with you some of last year’s like the thrilling “MonoPunk” project (above), and “Symphony #7” chairs (below). Submit your own creation to this competition that highlights outstanding works in a wide array of categories, […]

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The 2019 A’ Design Awards is Accepting Submissions

A sea creature like something from a HP Lovecraft nightmare rises out of the ocean. Men on the shore stand frozen in awe and terror. Beautifully rendered in the Impressionistic style of J.M.W. Turner, this eye-catching, illustrated concept art, designed for the video game “Dishonored 2,” is a past A’ Design Awards winner. The A’ […]

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Announcing the Winners of the 2018 A’ Design Awards

Where will you find a contest that honors fantastical computer generated creatures as well as a tribute to the Superstring theory? It’s the A’ Design Award and Competition! The impressive international contest has just announced its winners for the 2017 – 2018 year, and they represent some of the best creative thinkers in art and […]

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DuPont Shows Us Mysterious Doorways Into Foods

A castle made of whole-grain bread, a circus tent in dim-sum flavor… a visually playful print campaign by Ogilvy & Mather New York and production studio Ars Thanea for DuPont Nutrition & Health, which highlights ingredients (and more) that go inside various foods. “It’s not just the physical ingredients that make food taste better and last […]

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Can You Read the Words?

Australian graphic designer Gareth Chang has created a fascinating project entitled, “Sight For Sore Eyes.” It is a visually stimulating series that plays with optical illusions in deceptively simple ways. Stripped back so all we are left with is monochrome colours, basic shapes and one typeface phrase; these are witty pieces of graphic design that […]

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Ready, Aim…Fire!

Advertising is an arena where designers and art directors can have a lot of fun. With the advancements of digital technology it is possible to create all manner of extraordinary imagery for a variety of products and clients. Creative director Ariyawat Juntaratip and his team have created a visually groundbreaking anti-drink drive campaign at Leo Burnett. It is […]

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Are Beards Still Trendy?

Beards have been trendy for a while now, you have seen facial hair on celebrities like David Beckham and George Clooney, models Ricki Hall, Johnny Harrington and others. But like with every fashion, it comes and it goes. So is it good timing for razor company Schick to launch a “Free Your Skin” campaign? I […]

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Cool Movie Posters of 2014

Upon the glorious advent of the Internet, the studios were able to spread the word of a film’s release far easier than they could in the Dark Ages (i.e. before the days of the World-Wide-Web). Posters once took exclusive pride of place on billboards, bus stations and on the walls of video shops; as well […]

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10 Great Poster Designs

Words are formed from curly octopus tentacles, and fresh cake slices are served on another poster—these visuals are thought-out by graphic designers who need to capture attention and communicate effectively to a target audience. Included here, are one-sheet designs from 10 individuals like master designer Stefan Sagmeister who continues to inspire so many creatives, to […]

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10 Cleverly Designed Print Ads

As you know, companies invest a lot of money on advertising campaigns in attempt to stand out from the crowd and persuade consumers to buy more. There are also print ads that serve to raise awareness about environmental issues like the WWF poster with an elephant disintegrating into sand, which means desertification has continued to […]