Call For Entries Open for the 2019 A’ Design Awards

Proxima B Artwork by Jerico Santander
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There are so many fascinating projects submitted to last year’s A’ Design Awards, like the Kremlin-looking 3D-art by Jerico Santander that actually represents “a transcendental and alternative idea of extraterrestrial life” (see above). As well as a fashion collection based on designer Rong Zhang’s Chinese upbringing and the Victorian-era; stylized tattoos, erotic bracelets, futuristic chairs, and much more.

Architecture and product design are still big contender categories in the awards, but as you can see there are plenty of other creative fields to participate in—100 to be exact. Entries submitted are reviewed by an esteemed panel of jury members that include people of the press, designers, and academics. On April 15, 2019, the winners are announced on the official website and online publications like ours, Boredpanda, Designboom, iGNANT, Dezeen and others. Winners will get their works published in a special-edition hardback book and will be invited to attend the award ceremony at Lake Como in Italy.

Deadline: September 30, 2018.

Enter the Competition

Above: An abstract digital concept by Santander, inspired by extraterrestrial life.
Traces Womenswear Collection by Rong Zhang
Flowing and melting-like is the multi-layered dress by Rong Zhang.
Transmogrified Mimesis Concept Creatures by Maryam AlJomairi
Maryam AlJomairi envisions various amphibiotic creatures inspired by sea, forest, or cave.
bee tattoo, Polysmans Illustration by Anton Mikhalenkov
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Consecutive A’ Design wins for illustrator Mikhalenkov who submits more tattoos and drawings in 2018.
Crooked for you Album artwork by Alain Aebersold
Contorted, surreal landscapes are what inspire designer Alain Aebersold for the look of the “Crooked For You” album.
LIFEWTR Series 3:Emerging Fashion Design Brand Packaging by PepsiCo Design and Innovation
The exciting brand LIFEWTR teamed up with CFDA to help emerging fashion designers make their mark.
Hidden Key Collection by Zora Romanska
Soft black leather and vintage keys fuse well for a powerful and mysterious accessory collection.
TROPICAL LIGHTHOUSE Vinyl record by Robert Bazaev
Graphic designer Robert Bazaev was inspired by musician Teebs, and tropical sounds and landscapes.
Anemone Sofa by Yi-Xuan Lee
Designer Yi-Xuan Lee titles this unusual furniture piece, the [Sea] “Anemone Sofa.”
Floral Pavilion Permanent Pavilion by Daydreamers Design
The gorgeous “Floral Pavilion” (by Daydreamers Design) was based on Islamic carpet patterns.
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Submit your work to the 2018-19 A’ Design Awards.

Images courtesy of A' Design Award and Competition, 
Copyright respective designers and artists.

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