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Ten Best Movies of 2018

2018 has been an incredible for movies. So good in fact, compiling a list of ten films was a tough nut to crack. Plenty of excellent titles were left out. “Roma,” “Sorry To Bother You,” “Loveless,” “Blackkklansman,” “Downsizing,” “Western” and “Climax” all deserve honourable mentions. While summer blockbuster “Mission: Impossible–Fallout” gets a special shout-out for […]

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Ten of the Best Costume Designs in Recent Films

The costume designer is a key member of the filmmaking team. Their job is deceptively simple (to illustrate through clothing a character’s personality or even their psychology), but the challenge is great. Costumes, too, can tell stories of their own, offering the viewer visual information which complements the story on the screen. Sometimes, a movie […]


10 Great Cult Movies From the 1980s

The “cult movie” phenomenon began in the 1970s. Although the definition today has changed somewhat from the Oxford Dictionary’s “enduring appeal to a relatively small audience,” applying “cult classic” or “cult movie” to a film lends it a certain cultural value. The 1980s was something of a golden age for cult cinema, though every decade […]

Erotic Horror Movies

10 Great Erotic Horror Movies (Part 2)

Horror movies have long been associated with chills, but there is another primal force at the genre’s heart: sex. As censorship concerns abated in the 1960s, filmmakers were able to confront and explore striking sexual themes in their horror movies, without worrying too much about it. Fear of death is one of the two pillars […]

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10 Best Films From BFI London Film Festival 2018

The BFI London Film Festival 2018 provided plenty of movies to savour and enjoy, with programmers boldly ensuring female directors were well represented in the line-up. In Tricia Tuttle’s first year as festival director, the opportunity presented itself to tackle the media debate surrounding female representation and make the programme even and diverse. There are […]

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Call for Art, Tattoo and Film Writers

We’re looking for a freelance contributor who has a fun and casual writing style, is attentive to details/facts, has great photography skills and an eye for art and tattoo, or film. Our website is not focused on traditional art, but rather modern, unusual and eye-catching works of art. Fields of Interest: – Modern Tattoo Art […]

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10 Sexually Explicit (Banned) Movies from Around the World

Films exploring taboo subjects have existed for nearly as long as the genre of film has existed. “La Coucher de la Mariee” is generally considered to be the first erotic film and premiered in 1896, the same year as “The Arrival of a Train at Ciotat,” which is generally considered to be the first movie. […]

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The 10 Best Movies From FrightFest 2018

One of the world’s leading genre festivals, “Arrow Video FrightFest” kicked off this year with “The Ranger” by Jenn Wexler, the first female-directed movie to open FrightFest in its illustrious—and gory—19-year history. The programme (as ever) is a rich and varied assortment of brand names, discoveries and the occasional classic revisited (the iconic “Halloween” screened […]

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10 Extraordinary Banned Horror Movies You Have To See

Horror movies have always sort to push the boundaries of taste and decency. Since the birth of the genre proper, in the 1930s, select titles have proven a challenge to censorship boards and morality groups, who champion clean and wholesome entertainment. Can horror movies corrupt young minds? Can horror movies turn audiences into drooling maniacs? […]

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10 Beautiful Films for Photography Fans

Cinematography attempts to capture, replicate and reveal to the audience, the images inside a director’s head. It is not just about making pretty pictures for the eyes to savour. Today, the cinematographer can be a star asset to a film as any actor or director. Names such as Gregg Toland, Peter Deming, Vilmos Zsigmond and […]