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The 10 Best Movies From FrightFest 2018

One of the world’s leading genre festivals, “Arrow Video FrightFest” kicked off this year with “The Ranger” by Jenn Wexler, the first female-directed movie to open FrightFest in its illustrious—and gory—19-year history. The programme (as ever) is a rich and varied assortment of brand names, discoveries and the occasional classic revisited (the iconic “Halloween” screened […]

10 Visually Stunning Cosmic Horror Films

In regards to the fear of the unknowable, there is no writer more influential today than H.P. Lovecraft.  His stories saw humankind come into contact with beings older than time: sinister masses of tentacles whose very existence could drive someone completely mad. This was the birth of “cosmic horror”—that is, horror rooted in the idea […]

10 Imaginative Japanese Science Fiction Movies

Modern Japanese science fiction was birthed in nuclear fire at the close of World War II. It left a sobering impression of the dangers of technology that can be felt to this day, and it created a generation of directors who are keenly aware of how delicate their mortality is. Science fiction is a medium […]

10 Morbid Sculptures Brimming with Death and Body Horror

Note: Contains violent content. Melting flesh, living corpses, and mutating organs: there are few things as unsettling as wildly degenerating bodies. In the wake of twisted films that characterized the science fiction and horror of the late 1970s and 80s—Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” for example—the journal “Screen” coined the term “body […]