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A Talk with Artist and Guinness World Record Holder Alle Tattoo

Known as “Alle Tattoo” in the tattoo industry, Alessandro Bonacorsi has been inking bodies for 20 years and has seen a lot in that time. Especially the growth of the industry. He’s established a colorful, painterly tattoo style that reflects his charismatic and glowing personality. He is a showman, entertainer—professional, courteous, and fun, and that […]

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10 Virtual Reality Films That Show the World in a New Light

Stories are shaped by the medium used to tell them. Filmmakers in particular can take advantage of a variety of different techniques and technologies to tell their stories visually and auditorily. As new technologies are developed so too do the creative possibilities change. It is disputed exactly how long virtual reality as a concept has […]

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Sorrow, Healing, and Peace: Visuals by Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka is a photographer whose atmospheric images walk the line between dreams and awakening. His journey as a photographer began 10 years ago, following the tragic loss of someone close to him. “I felt like I had to express my self somehow,” he explains. “I felt like I needed to find something like a […]

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Disability Artists Fostering Narratives of Acceptance & Adaptation

All around the world, artists with physical and developmental disabilities are using their art practices to share their experiences and produce raw and exciting new narratives of acceptance and adaptation. Throughout the history of art, however, disability has not always been represented favorably or ethically. As Claire Cunningham—a choreographer and dancer who was born with […]

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Stories of Death and Creation in Illustrations by Lauren Marx

Lauren Marx is an artist based in St. Louis, Missouri, who tells stories about birth, death, nature, and the suffering caused by mental illness. Her subjects are animals (her longstanding passion), which she draws with a morbid and mythical flair; peruse her gallery and you will see three-headed calves, geese entwined by their entrails, and […]

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The Transformative Power of Interlocking Tattoos

Tattoos that reframe our perspectives on our bodies, and others’ bodies, are powerful pieces of art walking around in the world. That’s why interlocking tattoos, designs that connect separate limbs and people, are more than just the sum of their parts. Spreading tattoo designs across the body is not a new idea. Large-scale tattoo themes […]

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Cement Eclipses: Mini Public Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish street artist who builds miniature installations in public spaces around the world. Titled “Cement Eclipses,” his project consists of tiny clay people who interact with urban environments in ways that explore society, capitalism, and the absurdity of human existence. From homeless figurines sleeping overtop storm drains to the aftermath of […]

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10 Social Good Projects That Are Changing the World (Via Horyou)

Horyou is a networking outlet spreading the message of social goodness across the Internet. During the 2015 Festival de Cannes, the organisation created the “Horyou Village” in the grounds of the Grand Hotel on the Croisette. Over the course of the film festival, which runs every May for 12 days, Horyou brought together a wealth […]

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10 Remarkable Paintings by Blind and Visually Impaired Artists

For artists suffering from any kind of mental block or lack of inspiration can seem like a huge mountain to climb. But when you throw into the mix a visually impaired disability, then it is staggering and heartwarming at what some people can overcome. While there has been much speculation over the years as to […]