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Katharsis: Powerful, Purifying Portraits by Anemites

Anemites, Katharsis - Inside Out / From the Inside - True Colors (2014)

Anemites (Luciana Rodriguez) is a multidisciplinary designer and artist living in Cordoba, Argentina. Most of her powerful images are self-portraits. Featured here is “Katharsis,” a conceptual series that incorporates evocative poses and surreal elements (such as fire, multiplicity, and bodily dissolution) to convey moments of great psychological pain. The power and drama of these images resonate with the soul in a visceral way, fearlessly exposing the inner hardships we endure in our human lives. However, as “Katharsis” denotes, the true intent of these images is about healing, for by depicting the experience of suffering at its most critical (and not repressing it), Anemites hopes viewers will experience a purification of the soul. Follow Anemites on Facebook and Instagram.

Anemites - Katharsis - multiple arms

Anemites - Katharsis - Inside Out / From the Inside - True Colors II

Anemites, Katharsis - Dissolution / Solvation, 2014

Anemites, Katharsis - Septemia / Cupiditas (2014)

Anemites, Katharsis

Anemites, Katharsis - The Skin - La piel / Disguise - Disfraz (2015)

Anemites, Katharsis - Sin Titulo (2014)

Anemites, Katharsis - Unloved/ Humans (2015) • Self Portrait

Anemites, Katharsis - Tan de nadie (2014)

Images © Anemites (Luciana Rodriguez)

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