Sorrow, Healing, and Peace: Visuals by Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka - Until You Wake Up
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Martin Stranka is a photographer whose atmospheric images walk the line between dreams and awakening. His journey as a photographer began 10 years ago, following the tragic loss of someone close to him. “I felt like I had to express my self somehow,” he explains. “I felt like I needed to find something like a ‘valve.’” By exploring his sadness through the lens, Stranka healed his broken heart, creating a style for himself that tells deep stories about the human experience. Featured here is a selection of images (many digitally edited) from his series “I Found the Silence,” which he has been working on for the last decade. The muted colors and surrealist elements convey the materiality of emotion as it is experienced in dreams, and animals frequently show up as protectors and companions, guiding the subjects through moments of healing and introspection. To view more of Stanka’s profound and inspiring work, visit his website and Facebook page.

Martin Stranka - I Can Hear You Call Martin Stranka - Far From the Rivers Martin Stranka - It Is You
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Martin Stranka - I Wish I Was Special Martin Stranka - Overgrown Martina Stranka - Wait a Little Longer Martin Stanka - We Missed You
Images © Martin Stranka

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