Category: Special Feature

Coolest Makeup Transformations

With the advancement of technology and special effects in the movies, traditional makeup design has had to evolve with the times, in order to stay relevant. It is hard to imagine the impact of such classic horrors as “The Exorcist” or “An American Werewolf in London” without the revolutionary makeup effects that accompanied them. But even […]

Groundbreaking Stop-Motion Films

Stop-motion animation is a very time consuming art form, with hours and sometimes days spent on the smallest detail; a human expression for example. But sometimes the most difficult and frustrating things in life and art can yield beautiful results. So sit back and enjoy as I handpick for you a selection of groundbreaking stop-motion films. Top: […]

Dali’s Skull Illusion Still Inspires

Note: Contains nudity. A skull formed by seven nude women is an optical illusion by Salvador Dali, who first made a gouache painting of it titled “In Voluptas Mors” which translates to a desirable death. In 1951, he adapted the work to a live photo shoot with Latvia photographer Philippe Halsman, as shown in the […]