Advertising Color Cutouts Design Stop Motion Video

A Colorful Stop-Motion Video for Curtin University

In 2013, Polish directors Kijek/Adamski used 2000 PVC cutouts to make a video for Japanese singer Shugo Tokumaru, and now they are at it again! They laser-cut metal sheets to create hundreds of shapes (trees, computers, bridges…), painted and aligned one-by-one for a promotional animated film for Curtin University. My favorite part of the sequence […]

Movies Special Feature Stop Motion

Groundbreaking Stop-Motion Films

Stop-motion animation is a very time consuming art form, with hours and sometimes days spent on the smallest detail; a human expression for example. But sometimes the most difficult and frustrating things in life and art can yield beautiful results. So sit back and enjoy as I handpick for you a selection of groundbreaking stop-motion films. Top: […]

Photography Stop Motion Video

A Hairy Movie

Two years ago, Peter Simon directed a stop-motion video called “Trim,” which showed a bald man becoming hairy in 38 seconds. Now working with the same model named Tom Offer-Westort, his newest film includes someone holding a pen who touches Westort’s head and face to magically add hair. It is similar to the first movie, […]

Cutouts Music Stop Motion Video

Clap to the Music (A Stop-Motion Vid)

Directors Kijek/Adamski used 2000 PVC silhouette cutouts to make this incredibly creative music video. Applying the stop-motion technique, the filmmakers had a painstaking task of aligning all shapes, which you can see in the making-of at the bottom of post. This project serves to promote Japanese musician Shugo Tokumaru’s new song titled, “Katachi” (meaning shape). […]

Art Drawing Sketchbooks Stop Motion Storytelling Video

Sketchbook Craze!

There are beautiful drawings by Chinese illustrator Reeo Zerkos. A must-see is a stop-motion video within post titled, “The Magic in Book.”

Chalk Design Stop Motion Typography Video

Be Yourself at the Chalkboard

Belgian studio Soon has made a promotional stop-motion video for Twixl media. The clip is an interesting watch because it is fully typographic and illustrated with chalk by Kelly De Ceuninck, and Pieter Vanhoutte. Additionally, it has been creatively directed by Jim Van Raemdonck, and typography and art direction by Lee Skinner. See also: “Getting […]

Animation Drawing Illustration Stop Motion Video

Hand-Drawn Animations

Jake Fried has illustrated a number of animated movies using ink, Wite-Out, and a bit of coffee. The artist has created complex images that intertwine and superimpose in each frame, and it obviously took him a lot of time to make these 1 minute stop-motion films.

Drawing Stop Motion Storytelling

84 days without Catching a Fish

This is a stop-motion film inspired by the novel “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway. The movie is entertaining to watch, because you see Hagen Reiling frenetically drawing each scene. Additional credits go to director and animator Marcel Schindler, and music by Awolnation.

Art Black & White Cutouts Paper Art Stop Motion

Zombies, Cowboys, and Samurais

I have always been a fan of silhouette art. And I really enjoyed viewing David A. Reeves’s cinematic paper cutouts.

Art Drawing Painting Stop Motion Video

Students draw thousands of Images for Music Video

Over 100 high school students drew 3000 illustrations for a music video entitled “Bubbles In Space,” which is sung by Michael Andrews. The video was directed/produced by Josh Hassin, art direction by Jeremy Farson, edited by Franck Deron, and photographed by The Joelsons.