Advertising Color Cutouts Design Stop Motion Video

A Colorful Stop-Motion Video for Curtin University

yellow bridge, stop-motion video for Curtin University Degree

In 2013, Polish directors Kijek/Adamski used 2000 PVC cutouts to make a video for Japanese singer Shugo Tokumaru, and now they are at it again! They laser-cut metal sheets to create hundreds of shapes (trees, computers, bridges…), painted and aligned one-by-one for a promotional animated film for Curtin University. My favorite part of the sequence is the Earth turning in stop-motion perfection. View full credits to this project here.

red rocket, video for Curtin University Degree

rainbow bridge and world globe, Curtin University Degree video

Top: The official video of “Curtin University Degree.” Bottom: Behind-the-scenes.

Film stills © Kijek/Adamski

Via Behance