Category: Painting

The Void’s Embrace: Oil Paintings by Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes is a Melbourne-based artist known for his surreal and slightly dystopian oil paintings of cosmonauts, people, and birds floating in space. While he cites René Magritte and Antonio Garcia Lopez as two of his artistic influences, Geddes doesn’t align his work with any particular genre or movement; rather, it is internally focused and […]

Intervention and Letting Go: Experimental Paintings by Sylvie Adams

Sylvie Adams is a visual artist living in Montreal, which she describes in an exclusive statement provided to us, as a place that “makes you want to create, to experiment, and to push boundaries.”  Experimentation and duality are at the core of Sylvie Adams’ bright-yet-moody abstract paintings, exploring the foggy dichotomies of “light versus dark, […]

Murky, Supernatural Fantasy Artwork by Piotr Jablonski

Piotr Jablonski (a.k.a. Nicponim) is a concept artist, digital painter, and illustrator based in Poland. Primarily self-taught, his vivid and immersive work has gained him notable international clients in the gaming world, such as Wizards of the Coast and Arkane Studios. As this interview with Evermotion reveals, Jablonski derives inspiration from both everyday experiences and the works […]

Excavated Essence in Impasto: Antony Micallef Interview

The impasto artworks of Antony Micallef defy the long traditions of figural paintings; instead of recreating subjectivity, he distorts and builds upon it to unearth the living, chaotic nature of the medium itself. Micallef’s works have emerged from a long history of postwar, abstract paintings; taught by John Virtue, an English painter whose depictions of […]

Nature’s Beautiful Tragedy Explored in Illustration by Teagan White

Illustrator Tegan White cites “picking wildflowers” and “collecting animal bones” as some of her hobbies. Both of them show up in some of her latest pieces (gouache and watercolor on paper), which highlight the beautiful decay of creatures—a concept that White is particularly interested in. Specifically, the larger scope of her work is about “nature’s […]

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Merge in Jakub Rebelka’s Colorful Worlds

Jakub Rebelka is a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Poland creating surreal worlds using traditional and digital mediums. Each image is like a comic book frame that has been expanded into an entire story. Rebelka finds inspiration in a variety of artists, including the French comic artist Moebius and the celebrated fantasy artist Peter […]

Sacrifice and Sanctity: Blood Paintings by Vincent Castiglia

Vincent Castiglia is a renowned New York–based artist who paints large-scale portraits using blood. He began this project in 2000, shortly before he began as a tattoo artist. His work has been recognized worldwide, attracting attention and accolades from Slayer’s Gary Holt, comedian Margaret Cho, and the late H. R. Giger, who in 2008, invited […]

Stuck in a Moment: Paintings by Jordan Kasey

“My childhood was kind of boring,” artist Jordan Kasey explains. “I barely even played outside. There weren’t neighborhood kids and there wasn’t nature accessible from where I lived. There were many hours of boredom and watching TV—excruciating boredom.” This feeling of listlessness is palpable in her paintings. Large, often-faceless figures sit idly by, waiting for […]

David Gluck Interview: Transitioning From Painting to Tattooing

While David Gluck has only been inking bodies for a few years, he has been inking canvases for over a decade. His oil paintings evoke classical artists like Rembrandt in their use of light and shadow, and through careful practice he has brought that style to his tattoos as well. His friendly and engaging demeanor […]

A Conduit for Sadness: Ethereal Paintings by Owen Gent

“I’ve always found something beautiful in melancholy,” illustrator Owen Gent explains. Films, music, and artwork that has affected him the most has had this quality, and it’s a sentiment that he produces in his own illustrations. The ethereal images depict characters confronting something within themselves, for better or for worse. Some appear enlightened, as if […]