A Conduit for Sadness: Ethereal Paintings by Owen Gent

Figure in a pool coming up for air
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“I’ve always found something beautiful in melancholy,” illustrator Owen Gent explains. Films, music, and artwork that has affected him the most has had this quality, and it’s a sentiment that he produces in his own illustrations. The ethereal images depict characters confronting something within themselves, for better or for worse. Some appear enlightened, as if they a breaking through (literally) an emotional barrier and moving to the other side. Other figures, often faceless, don’t fare as well and seem more alone than they once did. These are the ones we can identify with the most; it’s as if they are inviting us to occupy their bodies with our own sadness.

Upside down figure falling from the sky Figure falling from a cliff as another figure looks on
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Figures intertwined painting by Owen Gent Figure in a pool coming up for air white house illuminated in the center of dark ones Woman looking at her reflection in a mirror
Images © Owen Gent

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October 12, 2017 Art Illustration Painting