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The Void’s Embrace: Oil Paintings by Jeremy Geddes

Jeremy Geddes - sad body

Jeremy Geddes is a Melbourne-based artist known for his surreal and slightly dystopian oil paintings of cosmonauts, people, and birds floating in space. While he cites René Magritte and Antonio Garcia Lopez as two of his artistic influences, Geddes doesn’t align his work with any particular genre or movement; rather, it is internally focused and derived, shedding light on deep mental experiences; “I really want to trigger emotional or meditative states in the viewers,” he told Iron and Air. There is a stillness to his work, a quietness, a pain that is both intensified and relieved through its representation; as the embryonic subjects curl up inside the void, there is a sense of being held and a sense of surrender. Visit Geddes’ website and Instagram for more of his thought-provoking work.

Jeremy Geddes - astronaut

Jeremy Geddes - bird

Jeremy Geddes - Ascent

Jeremy Geddes - Miserere 13

Jeremy Geddes - Misere

Jeremy Geddes - astronaut floating

Jeremy Geddes - Redemption

Images © Jeremy Geddes

Via Unit London