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El Nawal’s Black-Ink Tattoos Embody Energy

Alberto Hartleben is known as “El Nawal” in the tattoo community. A Guatemalan native who has lived most of his life in Brazil. In 2021, he co-founded a private tattoo studio in Houston, Texas, where he currently resides and works. As a tattoo artist, he employs black ink due to its beauty and longevity. In […]

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Dissolving Boundaries: The Bio-Matter Art of Heather Komus

Heather Komus is a Winnipeg-based artist working with embroidery, found objects, plant matter, and animal matter (such as intestines, feathers, and hair) to explore the body as a permeable ecosystem. Fascinated by infestation and infection—the way microbes and spores penetrate the skin and colonize organs—her creations are like maps to a subdivided and multiplied body, […]

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Nature’s Beautiful Tragedy Explored in Illustration by Teagan White

Illustrator Tegan White cites “picking wildflowers” and “collecting animal bones” as some of her hobbies. Both of them show up in some of her latest pieces (gouache and watercolor on paper), which highlight the beautiful decay of creatures—a concept that White is particularly interested in. Specifically, the larger scope of her work is about “nature’s […]

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Sensitivity as Strength in Dreamy Paintings by Alexandra Levasseur

Dreaming women endure the elements of nature and life in the otherworldly paintings of Montreal-based artist Alexandra Levasseur. By abstracting rose gardens and Canada’s boreal forests in thick, pastel-hued layers of paint, Levasseur translates her landscapes into a vision of feminine solitude and introspection. There is a sense of surrender and strength as they melt […]

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Death and Fantasy: Paintings by Takato Yamamoto

Note: Contains nudity. Takato Yamamoto paints gothic scenes that resemble erotic nightmares. He calls his work “Heisei Estheticism,” drawing on the tradition of Japanese woodblock prints and infusing them with images (often violent and sexualized) inspired by modern manga. Recurring motifs include sullen-faced women bound in ropes, rotting corpses festooned with vines, and bloodied vampires […]

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Paintings of Surreal Nature by Tiffany Bozic

Tiffany Bozic’s illustrations deal with profoundly universal themes through surreal representations of animals. The repeated animals are a reminder of individual and collective existence, and the balance between the two; where her anatomical depictions reveal our inner workings in a literal sense. The incredible detail of the illustrations makes them all the more surreal. Artwork […]

Music Organic Video

Diego Stocco’s Music Making from Daily Objects and Nature

Most of us are fascinated by the work of Foley artists who reproduce sound effects for movie scenes through the use of instruments, props and more. Diego Stocco creates audio samples similarly, but takes it to a different level by making music from coffee, leaves, sand… He became known on the Internet in 2009 for […]

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An Organic Lifestyle

Rupert Smissen’s drawings have an interesting aspect to them, i.e. he incorporates tree branches and leaves to form silhouettes of peoples’ heads and bodies. And these images have a visual illusion type of effect.

Art Flowers and Plants Organic Recycled Sculpture

Leaves made from Human Hair

Although not everyone is appealed by human hair being used for art pieces, it still a material that can be uniquely adapted like in Adrienne Antonson’s hair bugs, and Kerry Howley’s floral necklaces. Textile artist Jenine Shereos has also wrapped, stitched and knotted hair for an artistic series entitled “Leaf.” “I began stitching individual strands […]

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Spontaneous Paper Cutting

Some of Chris Natrop’s art installations look like they may be influenced by graffiti, because the paper cutouts resemble spray paint drippings, blobs and strokes. The artist also works with other materials such as acrylic sheets, laminated mirrors, paper tape, and more.