Paintings of Surreal Nature by Tiffany Bozic

tiffany bozic surreal animals mice orb
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Tiffany Bozic’s illustrations deal with profoundly universal themes through surreal representations of animals. The repeated animals are a reminder of individual and collective existence, and the balance between the two; where her anatomical depictions reveal our inner workings in a literal sense. The incredible detail of the illustrations makes them all the more surreal.

tiffany bozic surreal animals owls tiffany bozic surreal animals rhino anatomy tiffany bozic surreal animals cats
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Tatoo book
creature under soil/underground by tiffany bozic girl, anatomy by tiffany bozic birds in circle by tiffany bozic tiffany bozic surreal animals mice closeup tiffany bozic surreal animals fetus
Artwork © Tiffany Bozic
Ariane Fairlie

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Ariane is an artist and writer based in Montreal. She writes for Kolaj Magazine, and works as an assistant to Zoe Pawlak. She’s recently discovered the colour pink, walks everywhere, and loves music here. Follow the author @ Instagram , Twitter, and view more articles.