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Winnie Truong’s Psychologically Charged Portraits of Hair

In her drawings, Winnie Truong is able to mold hair into any form she wishes. The colourful hair is like a head piece, but it also seems to be a living entity all of its own. Her subjects are sometimes overtaken by it, sometimes comforted by its presence. The recurrence of skulls, double faces, and […]

Architecture Art Embroidery Installations Sculpture Transparency

Lifesize Sewn Fabric Sculptures by Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh creates sculptures of home appliances and architecture completely out of sewn polyester. He makes blueprints of the pieces before meticulously assembling each one. They are impressively detailed, as in the traditional Korean archway which features embroidered dragons (pictured below). Each installation is like a phantom of the building or appliance it represents, […]

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Hans Wilschut’s Disorienting Architectural Photos

In his series “The Verticals,” Hans Wilschut inverses the bird’s eye view. His images give the viewer the sense of being pulled downward with incredible force. In fact, they are being pulled upward by towering skyscrapers towards the void of the sky. The effect is mesmerizing, but should also be considered for its real life implications. […]

Art Color Disturbing Painting Surreal Weird

Tammy Salzl’s Unnerving Watercolour Portraits

Note: Contains nudity. Tammy Salzl, a Montreal-based artist, creates portraits in watercolour. Each of her subjects is ready for scrutiny, baring their inner turbulence with strength and determination. The texture of their skin glows with an aura that lifts in smoky strands. It appears almost bruised from the artist’s generous use of colour, and pain […]

Art Color Monsters Painting Portraits Surreal Weird

Justin Bower’s Deconstructed Human Portraiture

Justin Bower creates larger than life portraiture for a technological era. His paintings explore the implications of our fragmented experience beautifully. Each of his cyborgs emulate tragic and elegant emotions, reflecting on the “effect/trauma technology has on the individual that has infected the daily lives of contemporary man.” [1] He multiplies eyes and noses to […]

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Robert Jahns’ Surreal Photo Edits

Robert Jahns creates surreal photographs depicting people and animals in scenes that easily suspend our reality. Incredibly, he does all of the editing on his iPhone, using apps like VSCO Cam, ArtStudio, and Snapseed. The result is stunning scenarios where the subjects of the photographs live out some of our wildest fantasies and dreams. Artwork © Robert […]

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Paintings of Surreal Nature by Tiffany Bozic

Tiffany Bozic’s illustrations deal with profoundly universal themes through surreal representations of animals. The repeated animals are a reminder of individual and collective existence, and the balance between the two; where her anatomical depictions reveal our inner workings in a literal sense. The incredible detail of the illustrations makes them all the more surreal. Artwork […]

Art Automobiles Color Installations Metal Sculpture

Flattened Fiats: Ron Arad Crushes Cars into Industrial Sculptures

Ron Arad’s wall-mounted car sculptures mesmerize as they play between two and three dimensions. His current exhibition contains six beautifully crushed retro Fiats that he appropriately titles “Pressed Flowers.” The model Arad uses, the Fiat 500c Giardiniera, was not only his family’s first car, but also the vehicle that his father almost died in, from […]