Death and Fantasy: Paintings by Takato Yamamoto

Takato Yamamoto - creepy woman design with eyeball
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Note: Contains nudity.

Takato Yamamoto paints gothic scenes that resemble erotic nightmares. He calls his work “Heisei Estheticism,” drawing on the tradition of Japanese woodblock prints and infusing them with images (often violent and sexualized) inspired by modern manga. Recurring motifs include sullen-faced women bound in ropes, rotting corpses festooned with vines, and bloodied vampires reposing under the full moon. Colliding sex with death, Yamamoto offers the viewer a narcotic stillness at the intersection of lust and fear—the figurative eye of arousal’s storm.

Takato Yamamoto - woman with severed head Takato Yamamoto - woman laying with ropes Takato Yamamoto - bondage
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Takato Yamamoto - gothic bondage Takato Yamamoto - woman holding ropes Takato Yamamoto - woman in branches Takato Yamamoto - man with moon Takato Yamamoto - man with arrows Takato Yamamoto - man
Images © Takato Yamamoto

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