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10 Best Album Covers of 2015 — Part I

It has been a strong first half of the year for new albums and their cover art, from Blur’s comeback record to Father John Misty’s standout “I Love You, Honeybear,” and this has continued on from last year, with excellent outputs by the likes of S.Carey and The Antlers. Going solely on the art merits of each of […]

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The Science, Art and Nature of Bjork

Moving from the ice-capped mountains and black earth of her native Iceland, the multi-talented artist Björk has extended her arm far, touching vast corners of our world with her influence. In the fields of fashion, visual art, science and of course music, she has made her mark. Ever since she first moved to London in […]

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Diego Stocco’s Music Making from Daily Objects and Nature

Most of us are fascinated by the work of Foley artists who reproduce sound effects for movie scenes through the use of instruments, props and more. Diego Stocco creates audio samples similarly, but takes it to a different level by making music from coffee, leaves, sand… He became known on the Internet in 2009 for […]

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10 Awesome (Digital Art) Album Covers from 2014

Having just reviewed hundreds of album covers in various music categories, I have come to the conclusion that new album releases in Classical and Jazz music need to get with the program. Much is dated and just boring to look at. Other categories such as Alternative rock, Pop, Dance, Electronic, Hip-hop… people working in these […]

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10 Best Album Covers of 2014 — Part I

A great album cover is the same as a quality book cover. No matter how good the product is inside, if you cannot communicate the message and themes effectively through art on the exterior, then you have a serious problem on your hands. There is nothing worse then when you have a superb record, but […]

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Sofia Coppola’s 5 Greatest Scenes

Part lonely, dreamy girl, part Hollywood princess. This may be a rather obvious description of one of cinema’s modern visionaries, but the media love to portray Sofia Coppola as a naive young woman spoilt by her gilded LA upbringing. Her name has become a brand; a byword for cool, understated movies about bored privileged girls set to a […]

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10 Fun and Creative Music Videos

MTV isn’t quite the music video haven that it once was. Yet, artists and directors are still finding meaning in making interesting and innovative work. These 10 music videos prove that despite the lack of airtime on mainstream TV, filmmakers, artists, designers, and animators are still exploring the creative possibilities of the format. Directed by […]

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5 Soundtrack Albums You Should Have on Your iPod

From the silent era of cinema, through to the Hollywood’s golden age complete with maestros such as Dmitri Tiomkin and Bernard Hermann, to the current trend for bands scoring films, music has been an integral part of the movie-making process. The fad for replacing old-school composers with electronica and rock groups began proper in the […]

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Famous Musicians turned Fine Artists

Music is an art form like any other, and as such, there’s always going to be those who thrive in multiple arenas, from music to painting, drawing, sculpting and more. It’s always inspiring when you find out your favourite musician also moonlights as a fine artist, exhibiting in galleries and getting published in the Arts […]

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Great Album Covers

Once upon a time the music industry packaged recordings in plain, brown wrappers, just like pornography. Alex Steinweiss did away with all that when he created his first album cover back in 1938. Steinweiss’s marquee design put across a recording of Rodgers and Hart show tunes and revolutionized the industry. Album and CD artwork has […]