Category: Painting

Oops, Agnes Cecile Spilled the Water

Agnes Cecile has launched new artwork, some of it is done with just watercolor paint, and other examples combine additional materials like charcoal, acrylic paint and pen. Her portraits actually highlight painting techniques, for instance shown above is a watery-pigment spill that becomes part of the girl’s hair. Like its all connected—the art lives within […]

The Watercolor Dance

Vietnamese artist Minh Dam has been living in Poland since 1991, and currently works as an architect and drawing teacher at Studio Lineare. His watercolor paintings are highly praised and awarded in events in Italy and beyond, and what I like about his work is how he adds blobs of water over paint for rain […]

Large-scale Oil Paintings

Other than a few noticeable brushstroke marks, each of Eloy Morales’s paintings look exactly like photographs. This Spanish artist is clearly a perfectionist who wants to depict reality as it is. One of the challenges with hyperrealist portraiture is getting the skin tones right, because Caucasian skin is more than just a “peach” color, it […]