Art Best of 2014 Hyperreal Painting Portraits

Large-scale Oil Paintings

clay mud on man's face, self-portrait painting by Eloy Morales

Other than a few noticeable brushstroke marks, each of Eloy Morales’s paintings look exactly like photographs. This Spanish artist is clearly a perfectionist who wants to depict reality as it is. One of the challenges with hyperrealist portraiture is getting the skin tones right, because Caucasian skin is more than just a “peach” color, it is an assortment of pigments including pink, red, brown, green, blue, grey and white.

serious looking woman painting by Eloy Morales

blue self-portrait byEloy Morales

Eloy Morales painting a woman portrait

man with blue paint on face by Eloy Morales

Photos © Eloy Morales

Via My Modern Met