Oops, Agnes Cecile Spilled the Water

hair watercolor splash, by agnes cecile

Agnes Cecile has launched new artwork, some of it is done with just watercolor paint, and other examples combine additional materials like charcoal, acrylic paint and pen. Her portraits actually highlight painting techniques, for instance shown above is a watery-pigment spill that becomes part of the girl’s hair. Like its all connected—the art lives within this person and also mirrors the emotions of the artist. Cecile is great about keeping a feminine, delicate flow with each brushstroke, creating movement and form on paper or canvas.

big eyed girl, painting by Agnes Cecile colored paint splatter, couple kissing, painting by agnes cecile
man holding woman's head, painting by agnes cecile rainbow color bar over girl's face, painting by Agnes Cecile watercolor painting by agnes cecile face paint drip, by agnes cecile
Artwork © Agnes Cecile
Adriana de Barros

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March 6, 2014 Art Painting Portraits