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Tammy Salzl’s Unnerving Watercolour Portraits

Note: Contains nudity. Tammy Salzl, a Montreal-based artist, creates portraits in watercolour. Each of her subjects is ready for scrutiny, baring their inner turbulence with strength and determination. The texture of their skin glows with an aura that lifts in smoky strands. It appears almost bruised from the artist‚Äôs generous use of colour, and pain […]

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10 Comedy Movies That Were Banned

The old saying goes that “laughter is the best medicine.” Unfortunately, the art of comedy is not as universally appreciated as you‚Äôd think. What plays well in one country might cause offence in another. With the controversy surrounding Seth Rogen‚Äôs ‚ÄúThe Interview‚ÄĚ still fresh in the pop culture ether, because it almost started World War […]

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“Shadows,” a Tribute to Francis Bacon

Gut-wrenching art pieces are “The Black Triptychs” by Francis Bacon, which were “created as an exorcism of his sense of loss following the 1972 suicide of his former lover and principal model, George Dyer. [1] His work, although difficult to replicate in terms of emotion, has been remade by Pawel Nolbert and Lukasz Murgrabia regarding […]

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5 Meaty Cannibal Movies

Whispered tales of gore and recounted stories of cannibalism have been with us since human culture began, in a variety of forms. Cinema, however, a more recent-ish medium, has offered servings of butchered flesh in a buffet of bloody movies. The rise of the cannibal flick coincided, in certain regards, with censorship becoming more lax […]

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10 Disturbing Artistic Creations

Normally, if we‚Äôre in one of those masochistic moods where we want to feel the cold fingers of terror, we naturally turn to cinema or literature. Settling down to watch “The Shining” for the seventeenth time, or jumping into some Lovecraft can usually scratch that particular (and peculiar) itch. Rarely do we turn to visual […]

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Hyperrealist Body Horror

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. If you can manage to stare at these paintings by artist¬†F√°bio Magalh√£es long enough not to feel a bit queasy, then you will be able to appreciate the immense skill and detail that these works possess. And while the body horror content […]

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Bizarre Pencil Drawings

From the streets of Macerata, Italy graphic designer and illustrator Nicola Alessandrini concocts all manner of surreal and bizarre delights. In his latest series, the imagery that he has fashioned is an eccentric¬†mix of weeping, grotesque babies combined with visions of animal carcasses and misshapen human forms. Disturbingly good. Images ¬© Nicola Alessandrini Via Proteus […]

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Films about Vicious Killers

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Serial killers and mass murderers have been terrifying filmgoers for almost as long as moving pictures have existed. There is something about getting inside the mind of a killer that is both compelling and repulsive and it is this friction that makes […]

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Banned! 5 Movies that Disturbed the Censors

Note: Contains violence and sexual references. Movies can disturb people for all sorts of reasons. Across the world, Film Censorship Boards¬†ban¬†titles that they consider provocative and even potentially harmful to the¬†public. Here‚Äôs a selection of 5 recent troublesome titles that were banned in various corners of the globe‚Ķ Top: Who is being kidnapped in “The […]

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Films That Shocked The World!

Note: Contains violence and sexual references. From as long ago as 1896, when screenings of the Lumi√®re brothers’ one-shot reel the “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” reportedly caused audience members to flee in panic from the rapidly approaching locomotive on screen, cinema has displayed a remarkable power to elicit extreme visceral reactions. Ever […]