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In Sickness and Beauty: The Photography of Evelyn Bencicova

In haunting, theatrical compositions, photographer Evelyn Bencicova splices the beauty of vulnerability with the terror of illness and confinement. Recurring throughout her works are nude figures that crawl and cling together in empty, hospital-like rooms, their smooth, pallid skin evoking both a sensual euphoria and the fever of near-death. Sometimes the bodies arrange themselves into […]

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Hyperreal Angel Sculpture Shocks Beijing

This extremely realistic sculpture by the artist pair Sun Yuan and Peng Yu has resurfaced and is causing a stir amongst the inhabitants of Beijing. You can see why, as their depiction of the heavenly creatures is not as ethereal and wholesome as we are used to. Is it a visual metaphor for our troubled […]

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Ten Classic B-Movie Horrors From the 1980s

Warning: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. VHS technology and the rise of the video store was manna from heaven, for the humble horror cinema enthusiast. The 1980s was a brilliant decade for the genre, too. Slasher movies, Italian cannibal and zombie films, splatter flicks and ghost stories upped […]

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Twisted Taxidermy by Emi Slade

Warning: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Emi Slade is a Michigan-based artist who creates beautifully grotesque hybrids made from taxidermied animal parts* and surrealist sculptural elements. Part nightmare, part fairy tale, Slade’s creations terrify and ignite the imagination with their gleaming eyes, spilled viscera, and rows of razor-sharp […]

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Mind-Altering Deformations by Lee Griggs

We’ve all had those kinds of mornings haven’t we? We get up feeling terrible and stare into the bathroom window only to be confronted by some strange face staring back at us. Well sculptor and visual artist Lee Griggs has interpreted this in his own unique and marvellous project “Deformations.” This is digital art at its […]

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10 Skull Artworks Depicting Death and Memento Mori

Skulls remind us of what strangeness exists just beneath the armour of flesh. They are also pure emblems of death. In art “Memento mori” pieces symbolize our morality and death’s relationship to life. “Memento mori” translates from the Latin as “remember to die.” American illustrator, Charles Allan Gilbert (1883 – 1929), produced an acclaimed set […]

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Grotesque Ceramic Sculptures by Jason Briggs

From his studio in rural Tennessee, Jason Briggs works away on his monstrous representations of the human body. They are surreal and abstract pieces that twist and distort our anatomy into unrecognisable shapes; with strong sexual imagery and a fetish quality that can be plainly seen. They certainly don’t look like anyone else’s work. They may […]

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Fantich & Young’s Creepy Shoes with Human Teeth Soles

A bit of bling bling in your teeth never hurt anyone. But shoes with human teeth as soles? That’s some crazy stuff if someone starts kicking. The question is are you supposed to wear these? Well not quite, as they are conceptual sculptures part of the “Apex Predator” art collection by Fantich & Young. This […]

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Follow the Bloody Thread: Photography by Eliza Bennett

To some extent all artist suffer for their work. But Eliza Bennett has taken this belief to the extreme with her graphic depictions of the struggles of the female artist in her project, “A Woman’s Work Is Never Done.” Through photography and some very bloody embroidery, Bennet uses her own body as a canvas. Her […]

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10 Movies Featuring Body Modification and Tattoos

Body modification and scarification, in the movies, is often associated with body horror. Yet there have been several titles in recent times exploring the subculture, separating fact from fiction and taking a more neutral, non-judgemental approach. Tattooing is seen as less extreme and more socially acceptable. It might seem all very trendy at the minute, […]