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Mind-Melting Dark Art by Dusty Ray

Dusty Ray makes art for “strange but discerning” people who enjoy “a touch of weird in their life”—and you’ll very quickly see this is true. Working mostly in gouache, watercolor, and Micron pens, he brings to life surreal mutant beasts. Wolves, bears, and other North American animals (as well as the odd human) are unveiled […]

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Experimental Remixes by Anxo Vizcaino Create Alternate Worlds

Welcome to the pristine dream-visions of Anxo Vizcaino, an artist based in Lugo, Spain. After working as a graphic designer and illustrator for many years, he switched gears to embark on a more artistic journey. His recent personal creations involve experimental remixes that allow him to focus his “concerns and passions related to reality, outer […]

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Shadows and Symbols: Haunting Paintings by Nick Morte

Nick Morte is a painter, illustrator, and award-winning tattoo artist. His unique style is consistent across his mediums, mixing photorealism with dark symbols and hallucinatory elements. Featured here is a selection of his paintings, all of which are surrounded by an air of mystery. Death, sensuality, and vulnerability occur interchangeably in the same image, signified […]

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Mysterious, Occult-Themed Embroidery by Adipocere

Adipocere is the alias of a Melbourne-based artist who makes occult-themed embroideries on linen (and sometimes his own hand). Black cats, oversized spiders, wise skeletons, and disemboweled maidens are some of his recurring characters, all stitched in a minimalist color palette. Death and darkness pervade his work (the word “adipocere” itself refers to a waxy […]

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Nightmarish Tattoos: An Interview with Dark Artist Neon Judas

His real name is David Rinklin, better known as “Neon Judas.” The German artist specializes in black-and-grey tattoos of dark subject matters such as skulls, clowns and devils, and just reading these three words seems much lighter than what the actual work looks like. His tattoos infernally look like they’re snaps from horror films, death […]

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Shades of Comedy and Death: Hypnotic Drawings by Michael Reedy

Michael Reedy draws moody anatomy illustrations with a pop-surrealist flair. Juxtaposing cartoonish and psychedelic elements with photorealistic bodies that have been flayed and cut open, his works create an emotional yet unsettling atmosphere. As he explains on his website, his more recent works revisit “the timeless themes of life, death, and the human condition.” Not […]

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Poetic Darkness in Corpus Vertebrae’s Photography

Based in eastern Poland, Corpus Vertebrae (Michalina Wozniak) is a self-professed “photographer and dead soul.” Like dark haikus, her minimalist images plunge straight to the soul. Women wear skulls, beetles, and masks—images of death and transformation—signalling their submergence into a symbolic state of fathomless emotion. Using her work as a means of expressing her experience […]

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Something’s Gone Wrong in Tattoos by Louis Loveless

Based in both London and Paris, Louis Loveless applies a comic book-style sensibility to his tattoos. Working almost entirely in black, stylized subjects, his dramatic pieces contemplate the horrors of life, the calmness death, and the false prophecies that we cling to. To convey many of these sentiments, Loveless uses glitches to fracture his subjects. This […]

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Abstract Joy: Colorful Digital Art by Rik Oostenbroek

Rik Oostenbroek is an artist, designer, and director based in the Netherlands. When he was still a teenager, he began his (literally) colorful career as a member of the digital art collective Depthcore. In the decade following, he has blossomed into a multifaceted and highly-sought-after freelance artist, creating designs for big-name brands such as Nike […]

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Incredible Tiny Skulls Made of Fabric by Lana Crooks

Lana Crooks is a textile artist based in Chicago. At first glance, the delicate skulls she creates appear to be real, adorned with flowers and jewels and displayed in bell jars like magical specimens found in the back of a curiosity shop. Look closer, however, and you can see the intricate textures of wool and […]