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Mind-Melting Dark Art by Dusty Ray

Dusty Ray - Forest Twins

Dusty Ray makes art for “strange but discerning” people who enjoy “a touch of weird in their life”—and you’ll very quickly see this is true. Working mostly in gouache, watercolor, and Micron pens, he brings to life surreal mutant beasts. Wolves, bears, and other North American animals (as well as the odd human) are unveiled as multi-dimensional beings and terrifying gods, sliced up, faceless, and/or growing slimy, hellish appendages. Dusty Ray’s portfolio is a visual and visceral delight. Check out his Instagram and Facebook for a deeper look into his imagination.

Dusty Ray - Meat Goddess

Dusty Ray - skull creature

Dusty Ray - Egg Demon

Dusty Ray - Heart Demon

Dusty Ray - sliced face

Dusty Ray - Gorgon

Dusty Ray - cat

Dusty Ray - wolf creature

Dusty Ray - Kiss

Dusty Ray - Slabbear

Dusty Ray - Wulff

Images © Dusty Ray

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