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Mysterious, Occult-Themed Embroidery by Adipocere

Adipocere - Lady Godiva

Adipocere is the alias of a Melbourne-based artist who makes occult-themed embroideries on linen (and sometimes his own hand). Black cats, oversized spiders, wise skeletons, and disemboweled maidens are some of his recurring characters, all stitched in a minimalist color palette. Death and darkness pervade his work (the word “adipocere” itself refers to a waxy substance produced during decomposition), but there is also a sense of playfulness; everyone seems unfazed by the sinister, symbolic world that this artist has lovingly hand-stitched.

Adipocere - Anatomical Venus

Adipocere - Birth of an Eponym

Adipocere - Silent Acquiescence

Adipocere - Death and the Maiden

Adipocere - The Good Shepherd

Adipocere - Skullbook

Adipocere - The Last of Us

Images © Adipocere