Spontaneity on the Skin: Sketchbook-Like Tattoos of Bk Tattooer

hummingbird tattoo on shoulder by bktattooer
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South Korean Bk Tattooer conveys graceful motion within their body art. Using short layered lines mimic the pages of a carefree sketchbook drawing and seem to float and flutter across the skin. This is thanks to Bk’s collaborative attitude. “Tattoo designs are affected by the clients,” they tell me in an email. “They give me the topic and we discuss the design together.” But even with the planning, there is still an element of spontaneity to their work. “I draw the basic outline and the rest of shading part I fill it in the way that I feel.”

Angel tattoo on chest Portrait of a man on arm
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Tatoo book
skull dancing with a woman dance of death, skull and woman, tattoo bird sketch style tattoo on shoulder by bktattooer man with flowers covering his face woman tattooed on ribs
Images © BK Tattooer
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August 27, 2017 Art Body Art Skulls Tattoo