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Skull Drawings by a Man Called E. G. The Freak

Mexican illustrator Erick Gonzaga is known as The Freak. “I’m a monster guy and drawing is the way I express myself. All these creatures and illustrations are a part of me and my twisted dreams.” [1] Using thin permanent markers he makes a unique rendition of the Ouroboros (above) and a delightfully sinister image of […]

Anamorphic Illusions by Truly Design

Turin-based street art collective Truly Design have done it again. One of their new projects is a collaboration with the Polytechnic Federal School of Lausanne, as part of an “Art on Science” public exhibition, focused primarily on optical illusions. The works by Truly Design are intelligent pieces which quietly subvert the cliches of traditional optical […]

The Rhino and the Skull by Ivan Kamargio

Ivan Kamargio is a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator from Mexico. The style of imagery in his art is defined by the macabre and the surreal. We’ve got an array of skulls and metamorphosis of women into exotic birds. When you look closely at the way he manipulates his pencil you can see a great level of skill, particularly, in his shading […]

Beautifully Illustrating Life and Death

Canadian visual artist and tattooer Kit King (killer name by the way) does a great line in finely detailed and beautifully rendered black and white drawings. The imagery she creates is rooted in darkness, with symbols of death like skulls reappearing frequently, and the level of realism she achieves is stunning. Artwork © Kit King

Dali’s Skull Illusion Still Inspires

Note: Contains nudity. A skull formed by seven nude women is an optical illusion by Salvador Dali, who first made a gouache painting of it titled “In Voluptas Mors” which translates to a desirable death. In 1951, he adapted the work to a live photo shoot with Latvia photographer Philippe Halsman, as shown in the […]