Shades of Comedy and Death: Hypnotic Drawings by Michael Reedy

Michael Reedy - but prettier than ever
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Michael Reedy draws moody anatomy illustrations with a pop-surrealist flair. Juxtaposing cartoonish and psychedelic elements with photorealistic bodies that have been flayed and cut open, his works create an emotional yet unsettling atmosphere. As he explains on his website, his more recent works revisit “the timeless themes of life, death, and the human condition.” Not interested in showing human life in a reductionist manner, he blends tragedy with comedy, innocence with corruption, and beauty with pain in order to tell poetic (and sometimes uncomfortable) tales of growth and transition.

Michael Reedy - the kiss Michael Reedy - 50/50 Michael Reedy - la guerre Michael Reedy - "dust" and "moonshine" diptych
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Tatoo book
Michael Reedy - The Fall (woman) Michael Reedy - do we know who he is Michael Reedy - untitled Michael Reedy - every last one Michael Reedy - let's go
Images © Michael Reedy

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