Experimental Remixes by Anxo Vizcaino Create Alternate Worlds

Anxo Vizcaino - Hueso

Welcome to the pristine dream-visions of Anxo Vizcaino, an artist based in Lugo, Spain. After working as a graphic designer and illustrator for many years, he switched gears to embark on a more artistic journey. His recent personal creations involve experimental remixes that allow him to focus his “concerns and passions related to reality, outer space, and quantum physics.” Geometry, abstracted forms, and atmospheric backdrops combine to produce contemplative, alternate realities where the body is a shell for the wandering spirit. Check out more of Vizcaino’s work on Behance.

Anxo Vizcaino - Transferencia

Anxo Vizcaino - The Observatory 2

Anxo Vizcaino - The Observatory

Anxo Vizcaino - Exodo

Anxo Vizcaino - Mimesis

Anxo Vizcaino - Rito

Images © Anxo Vizcaino

Via Behance