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The Grim Tattoos of Alexander Grim

If we are not thinking about the macabre aspect of a sword penetrating the body of a bird, we may actually appreciate Alexander Grim’s tattoo art. There is beauty in the way he composes an engraving-style bird upside down on an arm, or a snake swaying up a client’s stomach. There is an Asian art […]

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Become a Bird with this Fashion Accessory

There are a lot of people fascinated with owls—collecting them in all sorts of ways from crystal figurines to wood sculptures. And then there are many of us who just like birds in general and would love to strap on some wings and fly somewhere cool. The closest we can get is sitting in an […]

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21 Artists Share Their Vision of the Near Future

Note: Contains nudity. Inside the Gulbenkian museum you start off viewing a round meteorite hanging from the ceiling (titled “Teoria“/Theory by Eduardo T. Basualdo). You can almost touch it, but probably decide not to stay under the heavy rock in case it breaks loose over you. The artwork’s label states it is made from aluminum foil, […]

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Mythical Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The sublime illustrations published here are the works of artist Alejandro GarcĂ­a Restrepo. He manages to render surreal visions in nothing but simple pencil. These include caskets being whisked away by hundreds of balloons and flamingos tied up in knots like something from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” He achieves a great level of contrast and shading […]

Art Birds Black & White Body Art Tattoo

Tattoo’s from Love Hawk Studio

When looking at David Hale’s tattoos, it looks like he grabbed a thin marker and began drawing on his clients. His work resembles ink on paper (with fluid lines and pen-type fill), and it is quite impressive how tattooing has evolved over the years. Hale’s art themes revolve around nature from organic patterns to animals, […]

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I have featured a number of artwork by Malaysian artist Hong Yi, such as coffee and sock portraits, food art, and more. She is internationally known for making art using daily objects and kitchen ingredients—and her latest project includes the use of flower petals to create various birds. You can view more images from this […]

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Bird Mirage Reflections

Continuing the series of reflection photos (e.g. Cityscapes and Natural Landscapes), this time I have included birds. From flamingos lining up for a picture in India, to pelicans beautifully reflecting in Lake Nakuru in Kenya. No image was digitally composed, these are the real snapshots.

Art Birds Body Art Tattoo

Tats: Birds But No Bees

Birds and roses are predominant themes in Tiny Miss Becca’s tattoos. Her style is neo-traditional with influences of vintage portraiture and children’s books. And if you are interested in getting inked by her, she is owner of Janye Doe studio in Hornchurch, northeast London, England. See also: “Stick a Finger in Heart.”

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Nature Inspired Linocuts

Working from her home in Norfolk, England, Amanda Colville passionately cuts linoleum sheets to make colorful patterns and other designs. From artwork to be displayed on walls to greeting cards, she ink impresses by hand, but Colville is also known for using an old washing mangle as a printing press. The latter connecting to her […]

Art Birds Black & White Body Art Tattoo

Rockin’ Bird Tattoos

This chest tattoo (at top) is a beautiful design that hints a bit of Rorschach test cards. The mirrored effect looks really cool, and artist Rafel Delalande essentially uses black ink with a combination of pointillism and line art.