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3D Insects and Giant Birds: The Graffiti Art of Mantra

moth butterly, 3d anamorphic graffiti by mantra rea

“Graffiti is my background, my family, my culture,” states Mantra, a French graffiti writer who travels across Europe spray-painting creatures of the earth on walls. “I’m sensitive to nature, all little whispers and cries you can find in it. Colors, mimetism, complexity, the phenomenal capacities of adaption, evolution and the fascinating impartiality are all just special to me.” And it shows in his respectful portraits of birds and insects, some pieces going beyond 2D to 3D forms. “I started naturally drawing the legs of my insects on the ground; chose to go on the walls like corners, playing with the space based on my feelings of that moment.” Mantra expresses himself through his art to find inner peace, but his general message is, love.

parrots on outside wall,graffiti by mantra rea

closeup of parrot, graffiti by mantra rea

parrots, graffiti by mantra rea

eagle, graffiti by mantra rea

grasshopper, graffiti by mantra rea

spider coming down a wall,graffiti by mantra rea

butterflies in frames, graffiti by mantra rea

All images courtesy and © of Mantra.