The Photorealist Tattoos of Paolo Murtas

jellyfish tattoo by paolo murta
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Currently living and working in the island of Sardinia in Italy, Paolo Murtas has tattooed a beautiful assortment of birds and movie scenes on his clients. Cinematic examples include the slow-mo scene of Marla Singer smoking a cig in “Fight Club,” Raoul Duke’s crazy-eye look in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (in a crazy ass movie), and pals Buzz and Woody in “Toy Story.” Some of Murtas’ works have a hyperrealist quality resembling pastel or watercolor art, and other images have a more texturized shading similar to acrylic paint when water is not added to the brush. Without a doubt the artist has a good understanding of light, shade and texture.

toy story characters tattoo by paolo murtas owl profile tattoo  by paolo murtas
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flamingo and johnny depp tattoos  by paolo murtas realistic swan on lake tattoo  by paolo murtas boxing gloves and thunderstorm tattoos  by paolo murtas realistic owl tattoo  by paolo murtas fight club marla and soap tattoo sleeve  by paolo murtas
Photos © Paolo Murtas

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