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Interview with Watercolor Tattooer Dener Silva

A native of Rio Claro, Brazil, self-taught artist DĂŞner Silva has been rocking both the pencil and tablet pen as a freelance illustrator for local clothing companies and music bands such as Fresno. Silva’s personal styling—his numerous tattoos and body piercings—has often confused passers-by into thinking he was already a tattooer. But he only began exploring this art medium […]

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An Interview with the Extremely Tattooed Zombie Boy

Having your own voice and style is really what most of us should have. But not all of us feel fearless to be completely ourselves. Artist, actor, fashion model Zombie Boy is exactly who he is, inside and out; his self-confidence and physical look has inspired and fascinated people worldwide. More than 80% of his […]

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Q&A with Picture Illusionist Kevin Corrado

American artist Kevin Corrado dips his hand in blue paint and places it in front of a sea backdrop to create an interesting visual effect. This simple yet clever image is part of a new series titled “Transfer,” which includes a green version with a forest and a white one with clouds. Corrado’s passion for […]

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Q&A with Op Artist + Still Images that Move!

Having recently featured one of Gianni Sarcone’s optical illusions in our social network pages, it received a tremendous response from readers. As a result of the interest, I have conducted an interview with the artist to understand the creation process of these static (moving) visuals, and what led him to work in this art style? […]

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Q&A with Knife Painter Francoise Nielly

Francoise Nielly has brought back portrait art with her palette brush technique. Watching her work is stunning. She sketches with the palette knife as if it were an erasable pencil, not wedge laden with thick paint. Over the barest outline, she layers diverse colors and integrates them with swift, decisive gestures. A few more swats […]