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Minimalism: Tattoos by Berlin-Based Artist Mono

Previously working in a private art gallery in Prague, Mono (David Kejr) moved on to focus on his art-making and managing/touring with  music bands for four years where he traveled and opened his horizons about life. His real start in tattooing only happened in 2013, when he inked his friends (i.e. exploring styles and techniques) […]

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Nikko Hurtado: Work Smart and Be Grateful

We met up with tattooist Nikko Hurtado at the end of a warm-winter day at the conference hall, a building located across the Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena, where he and other prominent colleagues Joe Capobianco and BJ Betts conducted workshops to aspiring artists. Hurtado, the event co-host and studio owner of Black Anchor, […]

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Michela Bottin Interview: NYC, Tattooing, and Scarification

We met and interviewed Michela Bottin in 2017, at the Setubal Tattoo Convention, she was one of the more sought-after tattooists because of her differential style inspired by Japanese and American cartoons. Her colorful tattoos made people smile and that’s likely the reason why she was invited to participate in “Hope vs Cancer” organization, which […]

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Tribes of the Future: Interview with Tattooist Hanumantra

“I like the dystopian; what will the future be? [Like “Blade Runner” and “The Fifth Element”] What would the people look like in the future?” explains Hanumantra about his vision and creation of blackwork as the future of tattooing. This UK-based tattooist Hanumantra spent a decade traveling with his life and business partner Jo Harrison […]

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Frederico Rabelo’s Majestic Tattoos Inspired by Art History

“Contemporary tattooing is one of the most important visual languages of our generation,” states Frederico Rabelo, a Brazilian tattooist inspired by art history and giving his intellectual and cultural take on it through skin art. Rabelo studied fine arts in Brazil and Portugal, explored graffiti with his crew in the mid 2000s, and now dedicates […]

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Just a Human Being: The Ami James Interview

A tattooer with 25 years of experience, a television star and entrepreneur, Ami James is without a doubt a name that everyone in the industry and beyond knows. He is an old-school tattooer having done apprenticeships when he first started, mastering various tattoo genres and specializing in the Japanese style, opening several studios including “Love […]

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Megan Massacre Interview: On the Changing Tattoo Scene and Being a Cool Granny

There are very few tattoo artists working today more recognizable than Megan Woznicki. Though most know her better by professional name: Megan Massacre. It’s a marvel to see her at work, giving depth and texture to tattoos that blend different styles into one that is unmistakably hers. She’s just as quick with a kind smile […]

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Don’t Follow the Masses: The Otto D’Ambra Interview

After our great interview with Frenchman NOON, we collaborated again with Tattrx on a second interview with Italian artist Otto D’Ambra at the Berlin Tattoo Convention. Once a set designer in Milan, D’Ambra got tired of the fashion capital and established himself in London where he opened his private studio, “The White Elephant.” Elephants, rhinos, […]

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The Norse God Tattoo: Interview with Carlos Torres

While setting up his new studio in 2017 named The Raven and The Wolves in Long Beach, California, Carlos Torres was also attending the London Tattoo Convention—where we met up with him for an interview. He worked three days straight on a massive Norse god tattoo in his typical black and grey inks on client […]

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Tattoos Are Not Perfect: Interview with Chaim Machlev

It was a sunny Monday afternoon when we met up with Chaim Machlev (DotsToLines). He got a quick bite and then met us on his studio doorstep. The neighborhood was beautiful—full of trees and soothing bird chirps. His studio was setup in a basement with gold-patterned wallpaper and framed music posters (much of which he […]