Category: Color

Rainbow Chem Trails

The weather is getting warmer and the flowers are in bloom. Summer is truly just around the corner, which is the perfect season to appreciate the geometric, multi-colourful works of American graffiti artist, Maya Hayuk. Her recent series “Chem Trails” features her distinct bright colour palette and symmetrical line work to stunning effect. Part psychedelic, part […]

Acrobatic Poses

Bertil Nilsson has just released two new photos from his “Luminescence” series, which includes laser beams screened on the body of acrobatic gymnast champion, Edward Upcott. Nilsson has focused on capturing pictures of the human body in motion, from artistic shots of athletes and dancers to circus performers. Another great example of this is, “Naturally,” […]

In Love with Fashion

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have selected Tejal Patni’s 2014 Calendar,”In Love with Fashion.” It was photographed for one of Middle East’s largest fashion retailers, Splash, and it is all about showing current trends from the runways. The most stunning image is “Love Floral” shown above, which elaborately mixes patterns in an aesthetic way, and […]

A Stylish Splash of Paint

London based photographer Iain Crawford is an expert at shooting artful campaigns for huge international clients. These include Lancome, Samsung and Givenchy. In the beauty images displayed here, he creates a visual symphony that is equal parts kinetic movement, colour and style. Indulge in a bit of luxury with the work of this great artist. […]

Phenomenal Night Skies: Photography by Lincoln Harrison

Capturing star trails in all their glory is a difficult, but an artistically fulfilling way to shoot landscapes. The photographer Lincoln Harrison is an expert at capturing this style of imagery. And while they may look like the result of extensive computer editing, they are in fact the work of patient night shooting with long […]

Colourful Still Life Photography

Brooklyn based multidisciplinary designer Leta Sobierajski takes everyday objects like fruit and balloons and transforms them into rainbow coloured fantasies. The images are exquisitely staged and executed with a minimalist aesthetic and surreal finish. Escape into a world where bananas are painted in black and white polka dots! Images © Leta Sobierajski Via Behance