Art Body Art Color Tattoo

Whimsical Colored Tattoos by Petra Hlavackova

colorful flower painterly tattoo by Petra Hlaváčková

Having studied at various art universities in Europe, Petra Hlavackova is part of the new school of fine art tattooists. Her style is a combination of sketchbook drawings with watercolor paintings, that look basically the same on paper as they do on the human body. If you are interested in getting inked by the artist, she works at Bobek Tattoo studio in Prague, Czech Republic.

two people in paint bliss, tattoo by Petra Hlaváčková

paint splash and black ink tattoo by Petra Hlaváčková

zepplin hot air tattoo on side body by Petra Hlaváčková

paint tattoo on leg by Petra Hlaváčková

strange creature in ink, tattoo by Petra Hlaváčková


Photos © Petra Hlavackova

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