Acrobatic Poses

laser beams on man's body by bertil nilsson, edward

Bertil Nilsson has just released two new photos from his “Luminescence” series, which includes laser beams screened on the body of acrobatic gymnast champion, Edward Upcott. Nilsson has focused on capturing pictures of the human body in motion, from artistic shots of athletes and dancers to circus performers. Another great example of this is, “Naturally,” an on-going project that explores order and chaos, color and form in relation to nature. The artist sprinkles red powder on each performer, a color that contrasts with the beach and forest floor, but at the same time there is harmony and connection to the environment.

laser beams on body, photo by by bertil nilsson, edward
Top: Images from the “Luminescence” series. Below: Photos from “Naturally” by Bertil Nilsson.
red dust on acrobatic man, photo by by bertil nilsson red dust on man lying near waves by by bertil nilsson red dust on man, sitting on tree trunk by by bertil nilsson
Reference: "Bertil Nilsson, About the Artist." LA Noble Gallery. February, 24th, 2014.

Photos © Bertil Nilsson
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