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Cosmos Collide and Consume in Blackwork Tattoos by Nik Square

Tattoo artist Nik Square has us seeing stars. In his surreal blackwork body art, he combines elements of the galaxy with our civilization. Cats, flowers, and statues collide with constellations and planets—but it often appears that the universe is consuming its host. The blackness of cosmos and the scale of planets like Saturn strip away […]

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Neon Planet: Illustrations by Bang Sangho

South Korean illustrator Bang Sangho takes us on a psychedelic journey to a new planet—submerging our eyes and mind into the imaginary depths of the neon sea and black holes. Crater-headed humans are ticking time bombs in this world, as their brains erupt like volcanoes and revealing their insides as star-filled galaxies. “There is an […]

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Psychedelic Space Paintings

California native Leo Eguiarte has developed an intoxicating style of painting, one that is steeped in science fiction imagery, comic book colours and a digital facade. His work is littered with enticing and visually dazzling symbolism, including skulls, geometric shapes and cyborgs all finished off in electric pinks, blues and greens. Time to get lost in […]

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5 Tattooers Inspired by the Cosmos

“We are made of starstuff,” a truth-turned-pop-culture-trend, first by Carl Sagan, then reignited by Neil deGrasse Tyson. In just a few short weeks, the long-awaited “Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey” premieres. The world is buzzing about the great beyond; is it any coincidence that cosmic artwork is trending? Right now, tattooers all over the world are channeling inspiration […]